Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Use JSP for GWT RPC Server-side Service

Continued from GWT RPC - How Server-side JSP Service Works

Because, you can produce json response this way.

<%@ page
contentType="text/html; charset=utf-8"
MrBean mrBean = SessionSilo.initSessionBean(session.getId());
TableEntry entry = mrBean.getTableEntry();
Data data = entry.getData();
 int i=0;
 for (Column col : data.getColumns())

Because, that is why programmers prefer to use PHP, Perl or Scala to produce dynamic web pages rather than using a non-JSP servlet.

Because this is ugly and unfriendly, ugly to copy n'pasting (excerpted from
if (user != null){
  if (user.is_facebook_user()){
    html += "<div id=\"header-profilepic\">";
    html += user.getProfilePic(true);
    html += "</div>\n";

  html += "<div id=\"header-account\">";
  html += "<b>Welcome, " + user.getName() + "</b>";
  html += "<div class=\"account_links\">";
  html += "<a href=\"account.jsp\">Account Settings</a> | ";
  if (user.is_facebook_user()){
    html += "<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"FB.Connect.logout(
    )\">" +
    "Logout of Facebook" +
    //.'<img src="images/fbconnect_logout.png">'
    html += "<a href=\"logout.jsp\">Logout</a>";
  html += "<br /></div>";
  html += "</div>\n";
  html += "<div class=\"account\">";
  html += "Hello Guest | ";
  html += "<a href=\"./register.jsp\">Register for an account</a>";
  html += "</div>\n";

html += "</div></div>\n"; // header & header_content
html += "<div class=\"body_content\">\n";

Because, you can use my text custom tag ( to subject large blocks of unbroken text to conditional output.

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