Sunday, June 16, 1985

By the Rivers of Happy Lorn

Homo sapiens,
And fellow-countrymen;
Lend me your tears!

May I cry myself out
Let me voice to shout
And lips to speak
That I might exhort those who seek

In the sixth month of the academic year of '85
And the fifteenth day of the month
As I stood beside the River of Vision
And by the rivers of Happy-Lorn

And Pascal's Triangle stood before me
L'Hopital sat in the midst of quandary
Cauchy Riemann
Who on earth was Newton
Since the apple hadn't broken his head
Our lives so much tougher he has made

I said to him that sat beside me
(He held a willing ear)
Maths and its kinds
Of the most blessed folks
Are pure hoax
Search for yourself at all corners and nooks
Statistics will reveal itself as
The most goopity of all gooks

Limiting the abscissa of fantasy
To zero
We obtain the value of the ordinate of insanity
(To enclose myself in a matrix dimensioned for sanity
is really a matter sanitary)

Therefore, I rejoice over Einstein
Then I walk the airs of Beethoven
Beside the Danube and the River Rhine
And then with Strauss to Gottingen

I fought the wars of Lawrence of Arabia
In my vision I saw a Foxbat and a Tomcat
In my cockpit I shot past the Empire
I got hold of Darth Vader

I was brought back to reality
Cacophony? Really?

I would have composed the Fifth in binomial
(Hey, where's my tutorial!)

~ 1985 06 15