Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TableMgr: GAE + GWT + GDATA with RPC

TableMgr is a web application hosted on Google App Engine. It is actually a port of Google's spreadsheet and table GDATA examples from being a console application to running as a GAE/GWT application.


Therefore, it is a combination of Google App Engine, Google Web Toolkit and Google Spreadsheet access through GDATA service.

It also makes use of GWT RPC to avoid the need for page refresh. I also extended the Http servlet framework that GWT RPC service uses so that I could use JSPs to respond to RPC service requests.

The code is found here:

The library elements it uses are found among here:

TableMgr resides within the GAE application ID Cuckooberra. The following page documents the Cuckooberra log-in process.

Continue to Cuckooberra Login Process