Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cat Psychiatrist Needed

Maine Coon cats are the most lovable and loving of any domestic cat breeds. This morning, and on other occasions, our cat lay down in watch at the bedroom door and waited for me to wake up. I kept wondering what it wanted from me. I checked she had water and food. Then when I started making a piece of bread with strawberry jam and peanut butter for myself, she started to eat her food.

I am rather mystified and deeply impressed by this behaviour. She needed my breakfast companionship. I am thinking if there are such professions as cat psychiatrist or psychologist, who could explain our cat's mentality to me. Most times, I simply forget that she wants me there to eat with her.

By the way ...

If you have a Maine Coon cat, what would you hope to do with all the fluffy down it sheds. Do you have a depleted goose or duck down jacket and have you thought of using the Maine Coon down to replenish your depleted jacket?

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