Friday, May 6, 2011


There is a TV series which I follow enthusiastically. It seems to have received poor reviews from current day media critics who would (if they were honest) no longer enjoy Alfred Hitchcock's, old episodes of Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits.

Every episode is phenomenal. The Event is a classic.

If you enjoy multitasking, capable of parallel programming, capable of thinking in multiple threads of thoughts simultaneously, and have mental capacity with high functioning orders and degrees of freedom, this TV series is for you.

It is not for people who enjoy watching a show and then walking away forgetting about it, just for an hour's tryst with their TV (or their hulu screen). This show makes you think and reflect every character's motives.

Every character is well-played. Realistic and not over dramatic. Not overacted or underacted like in Days of our Lives. The story line is sufficiently complex and well developed, unless you do not have the mental capacity to perceive it that way. The twists and turns are alluring. The show makes you love characters that you had earlier hated and then hate characters that you had earlier loved. It provides you with characters about whom you have a sense of ambivalence.

Not an ordinary show of clear distinct colours - with clear distinct lines drawn between good and evil, the good guy and the bad guy. This is among the shows that critiques hate because it does not provide avenues where sidekicks and characters are directed to overact just to draw those distinct lines. This type of story lines relegates the responsibility of drawing those lines to you, the audience.

OTOH, this show is antithetical to Battle Star Galactica. BSG - if you want that swishing sound of space fights - the momentary adrenaline rush of an over-exploited storyline.

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