Thursday, May 20, 2010

ODBC on steroids

So, this has nothing much to do with Java, but I am also a C# programmer.

It is rather discouraging that most (if not all) examples that people post on ADO.NET use it like ODBC on steroids, merely using it to execute SQL statements.

What is the point?

I am unilaterally issuing a recommendation, if possible a technological fatwa, that people should no longer write ADO.NET examples to solely demonstrate SQL execution. Any further examples should demonstrate objects and entities.

The ultimate purpose of using ADO.NET is its ability to project objects and entities and people are either unaware of how to use it that way or are addicted to SQL on ODBC. So - no more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Very very annoyed.

When I issue a technological fatwa, does it mean that I consider myself a guru? Hmm ... embarrassing.

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