Monday, October 12, 2009

Hitch Hiking to 64 bit Windows 7?

I shall then bit-torrent an ISO of 64 bit Vista.

Though I did, but why should I, because everytime I went to any Microsoft upgrade web site, it redirects me to Windows 7 pages saying be patient and wait for Windows 7 release by the end of October. Microsoft realises how crappy Vista is.

Microsoft emailed me some Windows 7 beta product keys some months ago when its availability was first announced but I had to download the ISO from bit-torrent because Microsoft's servers were swamped.

Too bad, the product keys were not accepted my 64 bit Windows 7 beta installation, and I know why - my keys were for 32 bit.

Is it true that from Windows 7 onwards, Microsoft will no longer allow interchangeability of licence between 32 and 64 bit?

In the rather appropriately titled PC World article, they have an even more appropriate picture of Gv'nor Arhnold Swashbuckler:

Hasta la Vista, baby!

I am thinking of buying an early edition of Windows 7 by going through OEM resellers.

Anyway, Windows 7 is fast, really fast on desktop interactions. Generally, technogeeks are relating Vista to Windows 98. Why did they even bother with releasing Windows 98. However in general also, technogeeks are saying Vista ain't as bad as W98. I disagree because it's like saying the 2008 economic meltdown was not as bad as the 1932 crash. Humanity in 2008 simply has more features and amenities to distract us from the the meltdown that is just as bad as 1932.

I am echoing what every geek is saying today ~ Why did they bother with Vista at all?

Microsoft had even once tried to force big institutional and commercial concerns to drop XP and quickly adopt Vista. To which the big customers must have threatened en masse direction towards Linux. Otherwise, why had Microsoft taken an abrupt jerk back away from that decision?

The verdict due to the jury of my multiple senses is that persistently loyal, compulsive users of Microsoft technologies should quickly throw the leaky junk life-boat overboard and migrate to Windows 7 as soon as their financial resources permit.

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